Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant 

Bio details:

Date of Birth:  9/29/1988

NBA Postion:  Small Forward

Class:  Freshman

Ht:  6-10, Wt:  220lbs

College Team:  Texas

High School:  Montrose Chrstian


2007 NBA MOCK DRAFT – March 2007

The most up-to-date mock draft from NBA Draft All Access:

(Note – this includes a short wrap of the lottery picks, as they change so wraps will be added for each player that enters the lottery.  Also the number of seniors in the second round will change immensely as the draft becomes closer and players begin to declare)

1 – Greg Oden (7-0, 250lbs – Ohio State, Freshman)

At this point Oden is still a lock for the number one pick.  His size and position as a legitimate centre in a league that is suffering from a distinct lack of such a presence makes him a no brainer – particularly for teams such as Memphis, Boston, Atlanta & Seattle.  GM’s appear too afraid to avoid making a huge blunder by failing to pick Oden, especially considering he hasn’t been seen at full force all year at Ohio State.

2 – Kevin Durant (6-10, 220lbs – Texas, Freshman)

Arguably the greatest college freshman of all time.  Kevin Durant has the possibility of being the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball despite heading towards being the second pick in the draft.  His size, athletism and shooting touch are unprecidented and where he is picked will hinge significantly upon who gets the top pick and his performance in the tournament this March.

3 – Brandon Wright (6-10, 210lbs – UNC, Freshman)

Another in this years long line of stud frosh, maybe the best freshman class NCAA basketball has ever seen.  Brandon is an extremely agile big man who at this point has played his way into the third spot of the draft.  At 6-10 he is relatively slender but can run the floor well, while still establishing a solid presence on the block.  He defends well use of his long arms, however in the NBA his weight and strength may become a problem against bigger competition.  He seems a good fit for Charlotte who already has solid powerful big men in May and Okafor.

4 – Al Horford (6-9, 245lbs – Florida, Junior)

Horford has turned into a legitimate beast in college basketball, and likely beyond.  He features an NBA ready body that will be able to defend and attack power forwards within the league.  He also features surprising speed for his size, and an ability to handle the ball and make solid passing decisions, particularly out of the post.  Al’s tournament play will be critical to his selection as Florida make their back to back run.

5 – Joakim Noah (6-11, 230lbs – Florida, Junior)

Although Joakim has played himself down throughout the year, and his game has fallen under much criticism particularly over the past month you have to love this pick for the Pheonix Suns (they will obtain the Atlanta Hawks pick from the Joe Johnson trade – top 3 protected).  He will be a spectacular player on a good team, with tremendous team defense and ability to run the floor the lack of jump shot and post game would not be missed by a squad like the Suns.  His tournament play and success of Florida will be crucial in where he is selected.

6 – Julian Wright (6-8, 225lbs – Kansas, Sophmore)

Julian is perfectly tailored for the small forward position in the NBA.  His athletism provides him with incredibly high ceiling as to how good he can be.  The long limbs, speed and jumping ability put him in the class of Josh Smith, Shawn Marion and Gerald Wallace.  On top of this he also features an amazing passing ability and decision making that has really set him apart others in his class.  A solid size Wright will be able to withstand the phsyical side of the league’s bigger competition and his potential comes down to how he learns the game, particularly defensively and the improvement of his jump shot.

7 – Jeff Green (6-8, 235lbs – Georgetown, Junior)

Green’s body size and strength combined with latrell quickness and length create strong defensive work both on the premiter and inside.  His athletism and ability round the basket drives his offense, which is made more bold by a solid basketball IQ.  By moving well off the ball he creates easy baskets for himself.  Needs to improve his jump-shot.

8 – Yi Jianlian (7-0, 230lbs – China, dob 1987)

At this point it is extremely difficult to rate international players, that haven’t been playing in the NCAA.  But considering the success of Yao Ming, Yi’s size, versatility and the love GM’s have for international prospects, there is no way that Yi doesn’t go in the top ten.  He has great athletism for his size, consistent outside touch and ability to put the ball on the floor.  Can play physical, however whether he will handle this in the NBA remains to be seen.  The biggest question is where he will play, as at this time he fails to have an adequate inside game and with his size will struggle to handle the speed of the wings.

9 – Hasheem Thabeet (7-3, 265lbs – Uconn, Freshman)

Thabeet has a beast of a body at 7-3, 265lbs.  He will be taken for his defensive work and on the sheer potential he possesses.  Currently he has a very good ability to block shots, with great timing and speed/explosiveness off the ground.  At his size he features above average speed and extremely soft hands.  If Hasheem expands his offensive game he could be something special, but his defensive ability is enough alone to be a top ten pick.

10 – Al Thornton (6-8, 220lbs – Florida St., Senior)

An explosive athlete Thornton relies heavily on this at the moment.  Another player with very heavy upside Al showed glimpses of his potential throughout his senior season, including a remarkable 45 point game.  He has a strong NBA ready body, and with his speed and athletism he draws fouls with ease.  Work is needed on his mid range and back to the basket game, as well as ball handling.

11 – Sepncer Hawes (6-11, 250lbs – Washington, Freshman)

Very comparable to Brad Miller, Spencer will be a serviceable pro for a long time.  He has a soft touch from the outside and uncanny passing ability for his size.  His speed and strength are questionable, with a need to develop a wider range of low post moves as well as improve his defense.  At his height he will be a lottery pick.

12 – Acie Law IV (6-3, 195lbs – Texas A&M, Senior)

Acie Law is a big time college player.  Everyone has seen his clutch performances this year being marked by “This is what I do!!” game.  Acie is a solid pg who can play both up tempo and half court style, he has great ball handling and shown a leadership quality this year that a senior pg should possess.  His shooting as improved and he has a wide array of shots in the lane.  Further improvement of his outside shooting and increasing his upper body strength will be important to handle gaurds at the pro level.  Acie will be the first gaurd taken in the draft and the position he is selected will depend greatly on the teams needs and how successful he can be during the NCAA tournament.

13 – Nick Young (6-6, 200lbs – UCS, junior)

Things start getting a bit more confusing as we exit the top 10.  Nick Young is a legitimate shooting gaurd, he has a solid stroke from mid-range and outside, as well as the ahletism to make him competitive as a pro.  Increasing his strength would do him well and maybe help his desire to drive to the basket.

14 – Thaddeus Young (6-8, 217lbs – Georgetown, Freshman)

15 – Corey Brewer (6-8, 185lbs – Florida, Junior)

16 – Arron Afflalo (6-5, 215lbs – UCLS, Junior)

17 – Marco Belinelli (6-6, 200lbs – Italy, dob 1986)

18 – Josh McRoberts (6-10, 240lbs – Duke, Sophmore)

19 – Alando Tucker (6-5, 210lbs – Wisconsin, Senior)

20 – Marcus Williams (6-7, 207lbs – Arizona, Sophmore)

21 – Rudy Fernandez (6-6, 172lbs – Spain, dob 1985)

22 – Daequeen Cook (6-5, 210lbs – Ohio State, Freshman)

23 – Morris Almond (6-6, 214lbs – Rice, Senior)

24 – Aaron Gray (7-1, 280lbs – Pittsburg, Senior)

25 – Tiago Splitter (6-11, 240 – Brazil, dob 1985)

26 – Nick Fazekas (6-11, 240lbs – Nevada, Senior)

27 – Jason Smith (7-0, 240lbs – Colorado State, Junior)

28 – Derrick Byars (6-7, 225lbs – Vanderbilt, Senior)

29 – Kyle Visser (6-11, 250lbs – Wake Forest, Senior)

30 – Marc Gasol (7-0, 270lbs – Spain, dob 1985)

Second Round

31 – DJ White (6-8, 242lbs – Indiana, Sophmore)

32 – Quinton Hosley (6-6, 210lbs – Fresno St., Senior)

33 – Bobby Brown (6-1, 165lbs – Fullerton, Senior)

34 – Dominic McGuire (6-8, 210lbs – Fres.St., Junior)

35 – Herbert Hill (6-10, 240lbs – Providence, Senior)

36 – Demetris Nichols (6-7, 205lbs – Syracuse, Senior)

37 – Jermareo Davidson (6-10, 220lbs – Alabama, Senior)

38 – Adam Haluska (6-5, 210lbs – Iowa, Senior)

39 – Avis Wyatt (6-10, 220lbs – Virginia St., Senior)

40 – Sean Singletary (5-11, 175lbs – Virginia, Junior)

41 – Sean Williams (6-10, 235 – Boston College, Junior) 

42 – Taurean Green (6-0, 177lbs – Florida, Junior)

43 – DJ Strawberry (6-5, 201lbs – Maryland, Senior)

44 – Jared Dudley (6-7, 225lbs – Boston College, Senior)

45 – Ivan Radenovic (6-9, 244lbs – Arizona, Senior)

46 – L. Hamilton (6-10, 255lbs – St. Johns, Senior)

47 – Aaron Brooks (5-11, 160lbs – Oregon, Srenior)

48 – Reyshawn Terry (6-7, 232lbs – UNC, Senior)

49 – Jamon Gordon (6-2, 210lbs – Va.Tech, Senior)

50 – Marko Tomas (6-8, 198lbs – Croatia, dob 1985)

51 – Ali Traore (6-9, 239lbs – France, dob 1985)

52 – Sun Yue (6-9, 205lbs – China, dob 1985) 

53 – Ron Lewis (6-4, 195lbs – Ohio St., Senior)

54 – Mustafa Shakur (6-3, 183lbs – Arizona, Senior) 

55 – JR Reynolds (6-3, 180lbs – Virginia, Senior)

56 – Stephane Lasme (6-8, 225lbs – Mass, Senior)

57 – Curtis Sumpter (6-7, 223lbs – Villanova, Senior)

58 – Brandon Heath (6-3, 183lbs – SD St., Senior)

59 – D. Alexander (6-5, 215lbs – Charlotte, Senior)

60 – Mirza Begic (7-3, 220lbs – Bosnia, 1985)

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